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Comm Talk an extension of the YouTube channel Geek Devotions which is a show by a couple of devoted geeks devoted to letting people know that they are loved. Comm Talk is a series of podcasts where geeks gather to share their passion for different geeky things freely.

December 6, 2020

082: What is Primitive Rhythm Machine?

For this episode of Comm Talk By Geek Devotions; we are introducing a new segment called Primitive Rhythm Machine. This new monthly instalment features our dear friends John Harju and Stephen MacDonald who aim to educate you Devoted Geeks about really good Christian music and how to use discernment about what we as Christians listen to. In this episode, we have a loose introduction of Steve and John and their thoughts on music in general. They also take some time to talk about how they hope the show will go and assign listening homework for each other, and you.

Time Code:

0:00 Show Intro
1:00 Meet John and Stephen
6:00 What on earth is happening here?
7:40 What’s the Intentions of PRM?
10:12 How do John and Stephen interact with secular music?
23:42 What is Stephen’s musical taste?
28:43 What caused a shift in Christian Music?
33:15 Was there a band or album that opened Stephen’s eyes to “alternative” Christian music?
42:26 John’s musical tastes
49:30 General Music recommendations
57:36 Album Homework…
Stay of Execution - Deliverance: https://www.facebook.com/DeliveranceRocks/
White Lighter - White Lighter: https://www.facebook.com/whitelightermusic/ 

If you have questions or recommendations for PRM, email Stephen at steveandchrista@me.com

Playing Games with Strangers: https://playinggameswithstrangers.com/ 

Theme Song: “Smile” by DJ Lebreno = https://soundcloud.com/lebreno Used with the Express Permission of DJ Lebreno

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